Many of our applications make requests to various properties on the internet for monitoring purposes or to retrieve a piece of information from a internet property.

We try to teach our bots to be good bots, but if you feel like one of our bots is misbehaving, please contact us so we can resolve the issue!

User Agents

Our bots will always identify themselves with a user agent that contains the string AppName/X1X2X3X4 or AppNameBot/X1X2X3X4 when possible.

For example, Cert Chief might use the following user agent when monitoring your domains:

CertChiefBot/X1X2X3X4 (+

Or when our favicon proxy is looking for your favicon it might use the following user agent:

Mozilla/5.0 AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko; compatible; ChiefToolsFaviconBot/X1X2X3X4; + Chrome/49.0.2623.75 Safari/537.36

Note: The X1X2X3X4 part will be replaced with a unique identifier for the version of the bot that is making the request, this is a dynamic value that will change over time so do not use it for detection purposes. The value might look like 040bd810 or it might look like 1.0.0.

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