Account Chief


Account Chief (sometimes lovingly called the Mothership), is the central hub where Chief Tools manages your login, teams and billing information. This info is federated to the other Chief Tools if required. The reason for this is to prevent needing to write authentication, team management and billing for every tool separately.

We are working on it!

This documentation site is fresh and we know many things are still missing or incomplete, please contact us if you are looking for a specific answer that is not yet answered here!


There are multiple ways to sign-in to Chief Tools and option to secure your account.

Username and password

With Chief Tools your username is your e-mail address, you can change the e-mail address used in your profile if required.

You can also update your password from your account page.


You can (optionally, though recommended) enable TOTP (like Google Authenticator or 1Password) to secure your account further by requiring that a code generated by a TOTP client has to be entered every time you login.


You are able to register a passkey which can be used as a second factor when logging in or to login without needing to enter your username or password at all.

Social login

You can (optionally) connect your account to sing-in with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket or Apple. This allows a convenient way to login without entering your username and password.

If you feel the social account connected to your account are sufficiently secured already you can choose to bypass two-factor when signing in with a social account from your preferences.